Raffle Buyer-Seller Program Participant Rules

1. Only Bristol Sessions Super Raffle II ticket purchasers for the raffle to be held on Sunday,
September 13, 2020 may participate in the Buyer-Seller program thereby making all non-
purchasers, and all people disqualified as ticket purchasers in the raffle rules, ineligible.

2. Program participants may be referred to individually as “Buyer-Seller”.

3. All participants must be registered meaning they must have notified the Birthplace of
Country Music, Inc. (hereinafter “BCM”) in advance of their intent to participate. This must
be done by email, and BCM will acknowledge their registration by return email. No sale
prior to notice of registration shall be credited to the Buyer-Seller.

4. The only method for which a Buyer-Seller can get credit for a sale, and will be considered
as having “sold” a ticket, is through an online sale where the ticket purchaser lists the
Buyer-Seller in the space on the online form which reads: “Sales Agent or person who
encouraged you to buy a ticket or tickets”. BCM is not responsible if the ticket
purchaser does not put the Buyer-Seller’s name in this space.

5. Buyer-Sellers may not sell tickets to themselves as this would violate raffle rules. Buyer-
Sellers may purchase more tickets if they choose, but neither the Buyer-Seller who does so,
nor any other Buyer-Seller, can take credit for those tickets under this program. Buyer-Sellers
may, however, sell tickets to family members and anyone else.

6. For every ticket purchased online with a registered Buyer-Seller listed in the “Sales Agent
or person who encouraged you to buy a ticket or tickets” space on the online form,
that Buyer-Seller shall receive five dollars ($5.00) payable within two weeks after the raffle
takes place.

7. Should a ticket sold by a Buyer-Seller be drawn as a winner of one of the 49 raffle prizes,
then that Buyer-Seller will receive, in addition to their $5.00 per ticket sold, a bonus of $250
for selling a winning ticket. A Buyer-Seller may win multiple such bonuses should multiple
tickets sold by that Buyer-Seller win prizes, or if the same ticket sold by the Buyer-Seller win
multiple prizes.

8. BCM reserves the right to terminate the sales by Buyer-Sellers at any time and for any
reason. One possible reason for such termination would be a sell-out of raffle tickets. If
such termination should occur Buyer-Sellers would be notified at the earliest practical time.
Tickets can, obviously, not be purchased after all 5000 tickets are sold. A sale cannot be
made unless tickets are available. BCM is not responsible for compensating a Buyer-Seller
unless an online purchase is consummated. Intent to purchase is not a consummated

For any questions on this program, please contact Becky at blittleton@birthplaceofcountrymusic.org.